Malta, 4-6 Sept
Is Malta safe to travel to during this time?

Malta’s low rate of infections (second lowest in Europe) means that all quarantine restrictions have now been lifted.

The Government in England has given the green light to overseas holidays in a list of 60 countries, including Malta, meaning that from the 10th July visitors from England to Malta will no longer have to self-isolate on their return to the UK.

What happens when you land in Malta airport?

Once arriving into Malta, you will fill in a quick medical questionnaire of your previous 30 days of travel history and provide a temperature reading. Depending on the results you may be tested at the airport for Covid19 for free.

Will there be medics on site at the festival?

There will be medics stationed by the main festival site, alert any member of festival staff if you’re feeling unwell.

What are you doing for the safety of attendees?

At the festival site, there will be temperature checks on entry, hand sanitizer in various locations, and for those who want to check, onsite Covid-19 tests. These measures have been put in place to ensure peace of mind during this time, and sit on top of our usual health and safety measures which we carry out at all of our events.