Malta, 4-6 Sept


Infamous drum and bass visionary DJ Phantasy has over twenty years experience as a DJ, Producer and Event Promoter. With addition to also being owner and director of the successful Easy Records label, Phantasy has produced some of the biggest underground drum and bass singles in the scene’s history. Both as a Producer and as a DJ, Phantasy’s concepts when it comes to original music have always been profound. His tracks are highlighted as thought provoking and always on the forefront of the cutting edge of drum and bass mastery. Consistently featuring the freshest co-producers, vocalists and collaborators, Phantasy’s well trained ear means his musical choices as a label manager, artist and DJ have kept him squarely at the forefront of the scene. This without doubt can be further proved by the consistency of his DJ diary which sees him playing live at some of the biggest parties globally including ‘Innovation’, ‘Warning’, ‘Random Concept’, ‘One Nation’, ‘Moondance’ and many, many more. You’ll also find that Phantasy is in fact an integral part of the now infamous ‘Harry Shotta Show’ too which has been enjoying international success on stages Worldwide, including that of Slammin Vinyl’s award winning 10,000 capacity ‘Westfest’ event, in which, the show has been booked already for a return visit, way ahead of the event’s October 2014 date. In fact, if you can name a drum and bass event brand, there is an almost certainty to the fact that Phantasy will have played at it.